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Life – Art – Vision – Moments

For a long time now, photographs have always been of a particular relevance to me. When I was a kid I could not understand how a simple box with a lens that everybody called camera, could replicate an exact image of what we see in real life, but most importantly, preserve it for a long time… A simple thing really, but by which I was completely fascinated.

As time passed by, my interest in photography was always present, however lurking quietly in the back of my mind, as some deeper reflections about life occupied my thoughts sometimes. Seeking truth around me, proofs and explanations about life’s basic rules, yet often ending up being bounced back into my sphere of interrogation, not being able to get answers I want.

Until I got to the point where I understood that the beauty of life is in the moments lived and that their essence is enough to make sense of life. My belief in that was enforced when I came across famous photographs of great artists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau, just to name a few. Such photographs appear to reach eternity through their moments. Developing a vision to master the art of capturing those moments will make you realize that photography becomes quickly a way of life and the camera, apart of being the extension of your vision, happens to be your only “weapon” against time.

I hope this introduction would serve as a platform to understand my vision behind each photograph.

– Michel Chaccour –


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